Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Electronic Bingo

All the fun, twice the action!

The electronic bingo terminal is a technological aid to the playing of bingo. The bingo game itself is powered by an independent system, with the machines functioning as terminals for bingo play. Linking electronic bingo terminals within a hall allows the game to be fast and more secure.

Players enter the bingo game through a note reader, and all numbers and cards are displayed on touch-screens. The central server automatically doles out a player's numbers every time a group of balls is drawn. A player has to accept the draw by either pressing the touch screen or the “daub” button to electronically mark the numbers on the card within a limited time. On the lower screen, there are electronic spinning wheels and a numbers screen that resembles a slot machine.

Electronic Bingo Terminals

The machines have little “buttons” on the video screens that read “Daub” and “Bingo”. Players who fail to press the “Daub” button after the numbered balls appear on their screens find their cards are not marked. Flexibility is built into the game, in that players are able to change their cards before each draw of numbers and they can keep track of more cards than thought humanly possible. Electronic bingo terminals display winnings which are not only as a marked bingo card, but also has spinning reel symbols like cherries and diamonds which are similar to traditional slot machine symbols (Rose, 2003). To claim winnings, the player pushes the onscreen “cash out” button and the machine prints out a barcoded ticket showing the credits accumulated by the player during the game. The ticket can be inserted into another electronic bingo terminal or it can be redeemed for cash at a cashier station. Essentially, these bingo machines resemble slots machines considerably. Such immense resemblance of bingo machines to slots machines does not gel well with operators licensed to offer slot machine and table games or those opposing slots machine games. A minimum of two players is required in order to play the electronic bingo terminal because players play against each other rather than against the machine.